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Construction Consultant Services

The following is a description of Construction Consultant Services we provide.

Property Loss Inspection / Estimate of Repair:

  • A site visit to the loss location.
  • Recording the extent of damage.
  • Photo log of damages.
  • Dimensional layout of the building.
  • Input of the scope of damage into industry standard computer program.
  • A complete reconstruction estimate.
  • Understanding of building use in pre loss condition

As independent and experienced construction consultants we work primarily for Adjusters and Examiners. Our experienced construction consultants will arrive at the loss location with the needed manpower, tools and equipment required to properly document the extent of the loss in a timely manner. We perform a full site investigation to photograph and document the building size, construction materials and the amount of damage to the original structure. From this information we can develop a Scope of Restoration / Reconstruction and the cost to restore the structure to pre loss condition. The scope of work and estimate can be further developed to provide separate cost impacts for Restoration, Code Upgrade, Renovation, and development of the Actual Cash Value. Per you request we can review and verify remediation / restoration contractor’s and construction contractor’s estimate and invoices for correct scope of work and accuracy of the billing for work completed. This work can expose pricing differences, excessive labor and material, renovation work beyond the loss, and billing oversights saving you unnecessary overpayments on the claim. We strive to provide you with the a verbal Rough Order of Magnitude estimate within 24 hours of the site visit and a Detailed Cost Estimate within 14 days of the site visit and the experience to prove it. Our commitment to integrity and honesty strives to help you pay out the right value to cover the loss but to also keep your valued customers happy.


  • Dispute resolution
  • Independent and Unbiased
  • Experienced
  • Accurate ACV estimates

Grecco consultants are well versed in the Appraisal process having acted independently in an appraiser capacity. We will upon written request examine any and all previous work product, engineers report, and estimates. We will then perform a thorough site inspection and produce an Independent ACV Estimate to present to the selected umpire. We utilize a variety of industry accepted software systems including RS Means, Xactimate, and Marshal Swift. However a proper ACV requires both an intelligent use of industry tools and experience and knowledge to know the differences in construction material and methods. Most important not all building types fit easily into the program’s model and that’s where our construction knowledge and experience is required. Before Appraisal you may just need an experienced construction consultant to accurately determine the correct scope of restoration and the common ground between the two estimates. A fresh look at the loss and a review of what has transpired can help bring the claim to closure. We provide unbiased and experienced consultants that will review all the available report, photos, estimates, and visit the site to get a full understanding of the loss and the respective positions on the loss. Our experience with a wide range of projects including agricultural, commercial, industrial, and residential structures, positions GCC as the premiere choice to help reach settlement.

3D Imaging:


Grecco has invested in 3-D Cameras to aid in documentation of the property at the time of our inspection. All of our consultants are equipped with Matterport systems. The link below is a 3D walk-through of a loss we recently recorded. Simply click the mouse and you can move in any direction through the property.  Hover your mouse over the Matter Tags to reveal additional information.

Roof Inspection / Report and Recommendations :

  • On site / On roof live inspection
  • Commercial and residential
  • Fully detailed roof diagram
  • Accurate identification of roof covering and insulation
  • Identification of any hail damage
  • Awareness for potential application issues

Our team of CRI (Certified Roof Inspectors) consultants provide a written roof report noting key materials used in construction, locations of any damage, indications of poor maintenance, and recommendations for repair or replacement. We will document any hail damage and note locations using a minimum of two test squares per slope. As requested our consultants will provide an accurate cost estimate for replacement or repair. We will research any local ordinances and potential code upgrade requirements.

Desk Reviews:

  • Typically losses under 100K
  • Review of contractor submitted estimates
  • Review and audit of mitigation invoices
  • Reviews are typically 10 Hours or less
  • Report of Review provided

Clerk of the Works:

Our team experience managing projects from site development to commissioned building uniquely qualifies us to be the Carrier’s on-site Representative on a day to day basis. We provide a set of trained eyes and ears to represent the carriers and insured’s best interest. As requested we can monitor all parties involved with both the mitigation and the restoration. Potential field problems that might delay a timely restoration can be dealt with immediately, likely Reducing Business Interruption Expense.


  • Competent Inspection / Written Report
  • Independent and Unbiased Review
  • Analyze and Differentiate Competing Estimates
  • Distinguish ACV /RCV

Grecco can provide a qualified construction consultant services to act as an umpire in the event a carrier and claimant fail to agree on the amount of the loss. Our goal in the Umpire role is a Fair and Unbiased hearing of both parties, a full review of documented damages, and if needed an onsite inspection with all parties present. We will provide a written report of damages distinguishing between Replacement Cost Value and Actual Cash Value. The umpire will agree with one or perhaps both of the resulting appraisals and that amount will be used to satisfy the claim.


Drone surveillance systems can provide insurance companies a way to assess damaged areas such as large crop fields, roofs after a hail storm, and much more, especially if the areas that were damaged are in hard to reach places.

Accessing the area with an unmanned helicopter aerial vehicle allows insurance claims adjusters the ability to survey damaged areas in real time, plus save the video as evidence should further issues arise.

The added benefit that drone surveillance can bring to the table, is there’s no place a drone can’t access.