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1) How quickly can we see a construction consultant at our loss site?
We make every effort to have a consultant at your loss site within 24 hours of budget approval.
2) What type of loss are your consultants prepared to look at?

We have a diverse group of consultants. We have worked agricultural,commercial, residential, and industrial claims. We have discipline backgrounds in civil structural, mechanical, electrical, healthcare, and marine.

3) What are your rates?
Rates are provided as part of the budget prior to service.
4) Where are your consultants located?

Coast to coast service.  Click Here for our list of Consultants

5) Can you provide a clerk of the works?

Yes.  Click Here

6) What is the typical turnaround time from initial site visit to Reasonable Order of Magnitude (ROM)?
Our goal is to have a ROM in your hands within 3 working days.